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While it may feel like a frustrating waste of time, hiring new employees is one of the most important tasks you’ll do for your business. The people you hire to run your business will become the face of your brand, and the public will judge your business based on the performance of your employees. For that reason, you will need to evaluate multiple aspects of the candidates you’re considering hiring.

Look for Candidates Who Want to Stick Around

Once you hire a new employee, you’ll want to ensure they plan to stay with the job for several years. While you can’t be expected to see into the future, you can anticipate the candidate’s long-term potential by looking at their resume. Highly educated people tend to stick with the same employers for longer. You should also look at the employment history for each candidate. Someone who has had multiple jobs within a short time period probably won’t stay with your company for very long.

Experience Always Matters

Even if you’re hiring for a job that anyone can learn with minimal training, it’s still better to look for an experienced candidate. Someone who has done similar work will have developed hard and soft skills that will help them adjust faster to the work. You’ll also be able to verify that they were productive in their past positions. Someone who has shown they can produce positive results is always the better choice over a candidate who may be less experienced.

Take Notice of Their Personality

As you interview candidates for any position, pay attention to their demeanor and personality traits. You’ll want someone who is energetic and friendly. An outgoing individual with a positive attitude is going to serve your customers better, and they will help to create a more positive workplace environment. A less enthusiastic individual may bring negativity into the company culture and that can have disastrous effects on your business.

If you don’t have the time or resources available for vetting potential employees, you can always get help from a third-party service. Staffing agencies have the infrastructure set up to recruit and assess the best candidates to fill your positions. This can save you from spending money and time on the hiring process while helping you fill your open positions quickly.