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If employees feel comfortable, valued, and respected at work, chances are, their motivation, dedication, and general attitude will improve, as well as their productivity. Rather than focusing solely on work and work-related topics, companies that spend adequate time engaging in team-building functions perform better across the board. Just like students who enjoy their lessons typically retain more information than those who do not, greater results are gained by happy employees.

In 2019, Nulab conducted a survey among 1,000 full-time employees and asked them various questions about the use of team-building, if any, they normally experienced at their jobs. The survey also focused on the comparison between mandatory and optional exercises and the significance and effects of team-building on the employees and their company’s future.

The survey revealed four major conclusions.

Make It Fun

96% of participants agreed that enjoyable activities, combined with meaningful experiences, open dialogue, and positive collaboration, enhanced their relationships with their peers and improved their job overall.

Add Food

Evidence does not lie; people love food. 88% of the team-building events in which the employees took part involved some type of food and/or drink. Not surprisingly, company lunches and potluck gatherings ranked in the top few methods for increasing morale.

Listen to Your Employees and Learn About Their Passions

Although volunteer days and company retreats were much less common, they strengthened the employees’ relationships with each other and ranked as the most effective of all the activities, especially when they involved causes about which they were passionate.

Give Your Employees Options

The survey results showed that the full-time workers were 3.6 times more likely to enjoy optional exercises, and more than 50% of the group admitted to always attending non-mandatory events.

Ultimately, just remember, if you incorporate team-building into your business properly, it should enhance your work environment substantially and yield positive results and heightened success. Luckily, the supply of information and useful suggestions about this key topic is virtually limitless, so all you need to do is research team-building, find a few ideas and activities that you think will work with your particular staff, and then incorporate them in to your plans!